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Money Magazine: Stats for Tampa

By Money Magazine |Categories: Tampa, Local Statistics| Aug 18, 2015

Tampa Museum of Art

Money Magazine recent ranked Tampa as the
"Best place to live in the Southeast" United States.

Do the people of Tampa even bother to brag about their beaches anymore? Earlier this year the Tampa Bay Lightning nearly beat Chicago for the Stanley Cup—yes, that’s ice hockey. In 2014 the city hosted the 15th International Indian Film Academy Awards—the Bollywood ­Oscars—thanks in part to its 15,000-strong Indian community. The Tampa Museum of Art brought its acclaimed contemporary collection to a stunning new building in 2010. And up for 2017: college football’s national championship. Says Neal Anderson, a small-business owner who moved from Chicago in March: “It really feels like a city whose time has arrived.”

Population vs. National Average

  Median Household Income $44,749
  Cost of Living Index 100
  Median Home Price $207,995
  Median Property Taxes $2,673
  Average State & Local Income Taxes $4,496
% Projected 5-year Job Growth 7%
  Crimes Per 1,000 People 44
% Percent of Adults who have Graduated High School 86%