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How Sunbelt Can Find the Right Business For You!

Buying a business can be a difficult task, whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced entrepreneur. A trained, professional Business Broker can guide you through the process and help you reach your goals. Let us do the work for you!

Our Brokers can help Buyers research the entire Florida market for the right business. All this can be done through our direct databases, which include every business listed for sale by a Business Broker in the State of Florida. Our membership in both the FBBA (Florida Business Brokers Association) and the BBF (Business Broker’s of Florida) MLS systems gives you the maximum buyer information available by any Broker in Tampa Bay.

Your First Broker Meeting

Our first meeting with any potential Buyer focuses on your needs, professional background, skills and goals. We will take you through the process and try to find a business suited to your abilities and financial requirements.

Experienced Buyers

These buyers will enjoy and appreciate the very efficient process by which all of your research for a specific business can take place in one or two visits to our office. Our databases can focus on your specific needs and eliminate much of the time spent on the Internet talking to several agents. We can introduce you to any business listed in the MLS systems, arrange for Seller meetings, financial packages, and assist you in writing the offer.

Sunbelt agents do not stop there. We can assist you all through the transaction, including due-diligence, contract issues and finally through the Closing.

First Time Buyers

“Becoming your own Boss” and buying your first business can be a much less complicated process through Sunbelt Business Brokers. Part of our service is to educate the buyer as to what businesses are on the market but it doesn’t stop there.
We can show you what to expect in the marketplace, what to look for and how to focus your search towards businesses that meet your needs. Saving you time in the process is our specialty.

Confidentiality Agreements

Selling a business and introducing potential Buyers to Sellers can sometimes be a tricky process. Experience has shown that when a business sale is exposed to employees, customers, vendors and competitors the company always suffers. Employee morale can decline, competitive edges lost, vendors credit lines questioned and customers lost.

Sellers want their businesses exposed only to those potential buyers who are “ready, willing and able” to make an offer. Confidentiality agreements protect this process by requiring a potential buyer not to disclose the names or information on any businesses provided to them by the Broker. Protecting the integrity of the company is as important to the Buyer as it is the Seller.

Here are some of the Steps in the Buying Process:

  1. Initial Buyer Meeting

  2. Buyer/Seller Meeting

  3. Financial Reviews

  4. Writing the Offer

  5. Due Diligence

  6. Authorization to Close

  7. Closing

While this is an abbreviated version of a transaction, it is an example of what to expect in buying a business. Sunbelt Business Brokers are trained professionals who are uniquely qualified to help you through each step, and make the transaction as successful as possible



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Business Opportunity

Automotive|Auto General Repair

North Pinellas County

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE!! Auto repair business operating in North Pinellas County over 30 years. Solid reputation. Large customer base w/ repeat business. Large list of assets and inventory included in sale. Great opportunity for working owner/mechanic.