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Why You Should Choose Sunbelt To Sell Your Business

Professional representation is the most important factor in the sale of your business. You want the best and the most competent individuals handling your transaction. At Sunbelt Business Brokers, our only job is selling businesses.We are the largest franchise network of business brokers in the world.

Our brokers are trained in evaluating, marketing and negotiating the best possible deal for Clients. We represent you, the Seller, and your best interests are paramount.


All of our Agents and Brokers are licensed by the state of Florida, members of the Florida Business Brokers Association, Business Brokers of Florida Association and the International Business Brokers Association. All of these organizations require professional standards and practices through training and seminars. The Sunbelt system also provides our staff with ongoing training to meet the changing needs of the business environment.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our industry. During the entire process of representing your business, complete confidentiality will be maintained. Eliminating exposure of the sale to employees, vendors, competitors and others can create irreparable damage to your company. Our brokers are trained in confidential procedures including required confidentiality/disclosure agreements for all potential buyers. Protecting the integrity of your company is one of the most important factors in hiring a Broker.

What you should know about the process

Here are the normal steps in the process of selling your business:

  1. Evaluation (determining the market price)
    Evaluating your business for its “Market Value” is dependent upon many elements:

    • The size and scope of your operation
    • The accounting or “books and records”
    • Your time frame and motivation
    • The type of industry ? retail, manufacturing, distribution, etc.
    • Current market conditions
    • Available financing

    Normally we require that a potential Seller provide us with operating statements (Profit and Loss), tax returns and any other materials that will provide us with enough information to both determine your market price and allow a buyer to make an offer. Obviously the more information that you provide, can only increase the potential of a fair analysis and eventual offers.

  2. Marketing

    All of our marketing processed is tailored to your specific business. Some of the elements or our marketing include:

    • Listing packages
    • Local Newspaper advertising
    • MLS Listings (FBBA, BBF, Sunbelt, Biz Buy Sell and this website)
    • Industry publications
    • Affiliated advertising
  3. Buyer networking in house and with other Brokerage Firms
    Most of what you will not see is behind the scenes work .Your Broker provides his or her time with buyers on the phone and at in-office buyer meetings. Some time is spent marketing the business to other brokerage firms with interested buyers. All of this adds up to a total dedication to the task of selling your company.

  4. Negotiations with Potential Buyers
    Having a Broker represent you during negotiations is critical. Having an intermediary takes a great deal of the emotion out of the process. Many offers can also be complicated involving issues other than merely price and terms. Financing, right of set off, transitions, non-compete agreements, and other contingencies can be complicated for the un-initiated. An experienced Broker can take you through this maze and negotiate a final outcome that will be satisfactory for you without losing the Buyer.

  5. Due Diligence
    Due Diligence is the process of proving to the buyer that the operational accounting is accurate and as stated in the offering. This often involves reviewing tax returns, invoices, receipts, payroll ledgers and other confidential documentation. During this process it is important to have a Broker guide you through the process to protect the integrity of the business. Disclosing too much or certain types of information may not be appropriate, while providing too little may cause the buyer to walk away. We will work closely with your bookkeeper and accountants to provide the proper flow of information.

  6. Closing the Deal
    Many deals have been lost after the "Offer for Purchase" was signed by the Buyer and Seller. Getting the deal to the closing table is often the most important job that we, as the Broker, provide to our Clients. Proper paper flow to the Closing Attorney, maintaining Buyer confidence, and confidentiality to your employees, is a delicate balance. Professional representation is critical during the all stages of the transaction.

  7. Costs
    Brokers get paid at the closing table. As a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker, we charge no up front fees, nor do we charge for an initial market evaluation. All of the costs of marketing and representing your business during the listing period are at the Brokers' expense. Brokers do not get paid by a Seller unless they sell the business.


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